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DSSC develops white label technology and provides compliance, data protection and marketing services which help its clients facilitate faster, cheaper and more accessible movement of money across different countries, networks and currencies.

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Our products

Paymenta is an advanced platform for international remittances and mobile payments, developed in-house by the DSSC technology team.

Through its API platform, Paymenta connects banks, money transfer companies, mobile operators, merchants and utility providers to its network, facilitating remittances, bill payments, wage transfers and other financial transactions.

Paymenta ensures interoperability between different operators connected to its network and manages technical connection, forex, financial settlement, compliance and data protection.


Incluswif is a financial inclusion and national payments platform. Although African economies remain primarily cash-based, national regulators increasingly introduce digital policies, driven by the need for financial inclusion and providing Africa’s unbanked population with access to savings, loans and credit. Incluswif provides a platform that unites siloed financial institutions and plugs them into the national platform SWITCH.

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